MGRC Mission Statement

MINNESOTA GOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS COUNCIL serves Government Relations Professionals by providing advocacy, professional development, networking and an enhanced working experience inside and outside the Capitol because we believe in the importance of ethical representation in the public policy process. 
MGRC Code of Ethics

All members of the Minnesota Governmental Relations Council (MGRC) agree to abide by certain minimum ethical standards of conduct. Adherence to these standards is not only required for membership in the Council, but serves to assure public confidence in the integrity and services of members of the Council. If a member does not meet these standards of conduct, their membership may be terminated under Article III, Section 5. These standards include the following obligations. 

  1. Members should at all times comply with and uphold all laws and regulations governing their professional activities as advocates in the governmental process;
  2. Members should make reasonable efforts to promote public understanding of the governmental process and the proper role of advocacy within that process;
  3. Everyone involved in the governmental process should be treated with full respect and dignity;
  4. Members are expected to avoid known or anticipated conflicts of interest and to resolve any conflict that does arise as expeditiously as possible;
  5. Members should not knowingly make any false or misleading statements to clients or employers or other advocates, employees of the legislature or administrative staff, or anyone else involved in the governmental process;
  6. Members should make reasonable efforts to become and stay as informed as possible on the issues and process involved in being an advocate; and
  7. Members should represent their clients or employers competently and only use legal and ethical means to accomplish their client's objectives.

Ethics Complaint Review Procedure

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Complaints can be emailed to [email protected]