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2023 Membership Information:

Join the most well-connected lobbyists in Minnesota as a member of MGRC! We welcome organizations and individuals, veterans and newcomers, lobbyists and those interested in public policy.
The deadline to be included in the 2023 Print Directory was Monday, October 24, 2022. Our online membership directory is updated in real time and reflects our current membership. 


Have a Membership Change?

Have you recently changed organizations or need to add a member under your organization's membership? At this time, the best way to make changes it to email [email protected] with the new member details. We will assist you in making the change. 

New Members Only:

Please note: If you're a returning member, you do not need to create a new organization in the online form.
The key contact of your organization must sign in and renew your full membership list.
Have questions or need assistance in renewing? Please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Make the most of your MGRC membership!

Upcoming Events: We have several upcoming events that will help us connect and continue to provide value to MGRC members:
  • Annual Meeting: Held annually in December, more information on date & time to follow.
  • Lobbyist 101 Events: After a great success in 2022, we’re thrilled to continue to provide virtual sessions for the first six weeks of session for our members in 2023.

MGRC Member Room Access: We are thrilled to have our member rooms access fully available in 2023. Full printing services and internet access will be available for our members that will be returning to the Capitol for the 2023 Legislative Session, as well as the opportunity to purchase a personal locker space.

Campaign Finance Board Task Force: MGRC’s Campaign Finance Task Force continues to work directly with the CFB to present additional perspective and information from multiple stakeholders in this discussion of requirements of registered lobbyists. This task force was created to give our members the opportunity to make their voices heard, and to provide the CFB feedback from our membership. 

2023 Print Directory: This printed book is sent to fellow MGRC members, Capitol staff, and the newly elected officials that will be in office in January.