Much of MGRC's work is done by committees comprised of board and non-board members. Committees meet as necessary throughout the year to accomplish association goals.

If you are interested in serving on a committee or would like more information please let us know! By email: info @ or contact the Association Office at 952-252-3573. 


Responsibilities: Plans monthly programs, "Lobbyist 101" seminars, annual CLE, member networking events and any additional member programming.  

2016 Goal: Brainstorm and determine viability of new member engagement events.

Facilities and services

Responsibilities: MGRC-dedicated space and functionality, stay engaged in Capitol area renovation discussions, session-related logistics issues, explore new service ideas.

2016 Goal: Assist membership in adjusting to continued space challenges during 2016 session & prepare for new MGRC space in renovated Capitol.

Membership and outreach

Responsibilities: Explore strategies to grow membership, improve member benefits, identify educational and outreach opportunities for members.

2016 Goal: Propose ways to increase MGRC's reach (new members, student memberships, etc).

  • Sponsorship subcommittee: Identify sponsor benefits & identify ways for sponsors to actively support MGRC. (Subcommittee to be Chaired by a Board Member who is a member of full committee).
  • 2016 Goal: Evaluate effectiveness of new sponsor benefit offerings. 


Responsibilities: Website, newsletter, social media account postings and branding.

2016 Goal: Continue working with committee members to improve MGRC communications strategies 

Nominations (appointed by the president annually):

Responsibilities: Nominate slate of incoming Board members to then be voted on by full membership at annual meeting. 

Ethics Committee

Responsibilities:  Convened as needed. 

Board-Only committees

Executive Committee 

President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary & Immediate Past President 

Legislative Committee

Responsibilities:  Work with MGRC lobbyist on policy strategies when issues affecting lobbying profession arise at the Capitol. Keep board and members updated on related issues. 

2016 Goal: Work with MGRC lobbyist to create a small committee of MGRC members with expertise in campaign finance and respond when issues arise.