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Whether you are a veteran lobbyist, new to government relations work, or just interested in the lobbying profession, the Minnesota Governmental Relations Council (MGRC) has a lot to offer. As an MGRC member you are able to simply join a network of well-connected effective government relations professionals. You can connect with these MGRC members as a group and or individually. This opportunity also gives you access to the following exclusive benefits:

Networking - MGRC offers its members unique opportunities to connect with other members of the government relations industry. As a member, you can take advantage of a variety networking programs - from informal get-togethers and structured continuing education classes to larger seasonal events that draw legislators and their staff and the agencies.

Advocacy – The lobbying profession is at the heart of new and consistent campaign finance laws. Legislation is constantly being introduced to regulate its members and the profession as a whole and we work with legislators to ensure that they understand our industry.  In turn, this allows us as MGRC members to uphold the integrity of the profession. MGRC lobbies for you.

Professional Resource – MGRC is working to develop lobbying resources to make your job easier and keep you updated on legislative and lobbying trends across the country. MGRC does the following for its members:

  • access to its annual lobbyist directory listing up-to-date contact information for all of its members;
  • maintains a working space for use by MGRC members during the legislative session. The work space, equipped with wireless internet, printing capabilities, and work stations, can only be accessed by members;
  • developing  password-protected resources such as a contact database of legislators and staff; and
  • developing a list of resources so that members can stay current on industry trends in other states that may soon be coming to Minnesota.

In The Know – This is a crucial biennium for MGRC members, we are your one-stop shop for staying current on Capitol building renovations, relevant deadlines for lobbyist reporting, and other major changes at the Minnesota Capitol. Follow MGRC on Twitter, Facebook, or through our website and emails updates.